Collect Important Documents and Know your Evacuation Plan

In times of disaster have a plan of evacuation, including a list of people in the event that need to leave home.

Home information

Make a list of individuals to contact before and after evacuation include name, email and phone number.

List Evacuation Route Option

Organize two evacuation location where the family will meet if one not directed to a location by local authorities.

Medical Information

Make sure to have key medical information such as a list of medications, health insurance ID cards, a record of immunization/allergies. If taken a prescription medication regularly, it needs to contact the pharmacy before the storm strikes.  Get prescription files so that you don’t run out.

Make an itemized list of the belongings

Including the cost, purchase dates, and serial numbers. Together with the receipts, especially for big tickets items. The insurance company may require proof of the cost of any item for which you make a claim.

Take a copy of legal, financial, and medical documents

Including bank statement, insurance policies, mortgage information, credit card addresses, and toll-free phone numbers, wills, birth certificates, passports, and medical prescriptions.

Know your Insurer

In times of report claims, it is important to write down the agent and agency, the insurance company, the policy number, and telephone numbers. It is possible that the name of the insurance company may differ from that of the agent, agency, or underwriter.

Enough Cash

Before the disaster come, remember to withdraw money. Although it is unsafe carrying or keeping a large amount of cash at home, get only as much as needed. Usually, a financial institution like banks is closed for at least two days after the direct hit by the hurricane. Make sure to have a receipt for cash purchase right before the storm.

How to safeguard the records?

In a secure and accessible place to keep insurance and financial papers like a deposit box, or with a relative or friend. Include the insurance policy, inventory records, agent or company telephone numbers for reporting claims, mortgage and other loan contracts and payment records.

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