Danger Of Do-it-Yourself Tree Stump Removal

Danger Of Do-it-Yourself Tree Stump Removal

Are you thinking of attempting a Do-It-Yourself tree removal and stump removal? A tree removal Fayetteville NC, a leading worker of tree removal in North Carolina. We understand the many dangers related to the job and why you should never attempt to do it yourself. We understand that removing a stump is a very hard and time-consuming project. Especially, if you do not have the right tools or skill and equipment like us. A DIY tree stump removal project can be dangerous for the person doing the job. Specifically, if you do not have the proper training and proper tools for the job. Below is some problem you may encounter once you o the DIY project:

Underground Concerns

The initial problem you will likely encounter within a DIY tree stump removal project by yourself. The underground things you need to consider is the water pipes. Also, Gas lines are a fire hazard and electric lines can electrocute you and cause you injury or death. If you really want to remove the tree by yourself, you need to know that the root system runs much deeper and much farther than what you think. To remove the tree may also make pests run from one tree to the next and other plants nearby.

Problems Above the Ground

For proper stump removal especially large trees, you will most likely need specialized machinery. If you don’t have training operating the equipment it can be dangerous. You may also encounter flying debris, which can hit your eyes and people passing.

The Stump is not the Only Stump

On the ground, a stump might appear easy to remove by yourself right? However, that’s not always the case. This is only when you start digging that you realize what appeared to be a manageable stump. But actually a nightmare right in front of your eyes.


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